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    Good corporate governance is not an elixir to every issue that a company is confronted with, but it does set the them apart in testing times, helps them respond appropriately and cushions it against the effects of crises.

    Purposeful Governance

    Purposeful Governance

    We recognise that a well-governed company requires putting in place a strong governance framework and good corporate governance practices that will ensure the Company’s long-term success. Our corporate governance framework is centred around Singapore’s 2018 Code of Corporate Governance (“the Code”) which sets out the practices, processes and principles. As a business, we strive to comply with the Code and purposefully apply its provisions in our governance framework. The Code is applicable to Olam for the 2023 Annual Report.

    Today, the Board comprises 70% independent directors with the Board Chair being independent since 2015. With the diverse and optimal mix of expertise and experience, the Board is set up to lead and direct Olam’s business and strategy effectively to ensure its long-term success. The Board, Board Committees and the Management collective efforts to continually strengthen processes, procedures and systems have positioned the Company to respond swiftly and decisively during crises and in challenging times that impact companies and economies globally.

    Our Constitution

    Adopted on 8 December 2021, the new Constitution of Olam Group Limited complies with the relevant requirements of the Listing Manual and is substantially the same as the constitution of Olam International Limited, save for necessary amendments made to refer to Olam Group Limited, which has succeeded Olam International Limited.

    Corporate Governance Report 2023
    Corporate Governance Report 2023
    Purposeful Governance

    Board Diversity Policy

    The Board has adopted a Board Diversity Policy as it recognises the importance and value of diverse perspectives not just in the boardroom but also at the senior leadership level.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What percentage of your Board is independent?

    Six out of 10 Directors are independent. Our approach to independence and diversity is explained in the Governance section of the 2023 Annual Report.

    Do you have a whistleblowing policy in place?

    Olam has in place a Whistleblowing Policy as part of our Ethical Business Programme, which also includes the Code of Conduct Policy and the Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy. This is explained in our Governance section of our Annual Report. The Code of Conduct Policy details the whistleblowing process flow from identification to resolution phase. The Code of Conduct Policy details the whistleblowing process flow from identification to resolution phase.

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